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Enhanced Property Beauty with Landscape Lighting Systems

Any home's exterior features can be accentuated with an outdoor landscape lighting system. Your home will look as beautiful at night as it does during the day. Different home features can be highlighted with exterior lighting. You can light up the arches, pillars, trees, greenery, street numbers, and many other features. A dark home can be transformed into a lighting portrait, adding appeal to the home. With our outdoor lighting systems, customers can enjoy the investments they have made in their homes not only during the day but at night as well.

Security Landscape Lighting Systems

A well-lit house adds to the property's security. As people come and go from the house at night, they can see where they are going and where they are stepping.
They can also see as they put the lock into their front door and be sure that nothing is hiding in their bushes.

RT Outdoor Services

Increase Property Value with Landscape Lighting Systems

Outdoor lighting systems add an increased property value to our customers' homes and commercial properties. Outdoor landscape lighting systems are a lifetime investment that stays with your property. The appearance and security is increased, therefore creating an increased property value. Lighting systems increase the value of the property in the same manner that a pool increases the value of a home. Architectural and landscape lighting systems are an investment that will last a lifetime!

Whether your landscape lighting project ranges in size from 1 or 2 lights to upwards of 100 lights, there truly is no job too big or too small! We pride ourselves in being versatile and creative in providing solutions for any lighting challenge.

* Residential homes
* Businesses & office parks
* Churches, funeral homes, & other religious institutions
* Restaurants & shops
* Apartment complexes & neighborhood entryways and so much more

RT Outdoor Services

Free estimate

During the free estimate, an outdoor landscape lighting specialist will come out to the customer's home in the daytime, look at the area to be lit, and discuss lighting options and services as well as pricing. A site plan is developed showing all structures, trees, flower beds and electrical requirements relevant to the design. A detailed proposal will be presented for approval. Any additional work requested by the client will be incorporated into the design and resubmitted.

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RT Outdoor Services



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"Guys I can't tell you just how much we have enjoyed our lights at home and at Norma's Country Dreams! Thanks for doing everything just as you said you would do and more!

Hope you all had a great season and I am sure with your work it
will only get better."

Norma Moses,
Norma's Country Dreams